The Adult Express

So there I was, sitting in my car at the seaside lovers’ hang-out, with a total stranger. She was sexy. She was good-looking. She was adult. And she seemed compassionate. So I’d found it easy to express to her that fact of how devastating my recent break-up was.

Notwithstanding the fact that, being the dog that I was, I’d used this as a ploy to get under her dress (and it worked) she also genuinely seemed to care – a fact which served to make me feel even more like a dog.

And, still unable to extricate myself from the dog-mode’, I considered the fact that my mission was not fully accomplished, as we’d only engaged in foreplay so far. After all, she was a consenting adult so, if my ploy worked, then why should I not go further to express my desire to bed this sensuous and beautiful consenting adult?

She stirred as she slowly returned to wakefulness. Stretching to rid herself of her sleep-induced grogginess, she smiled as she turned to me to express, “That was totally awesome.”

“There’s more where that came from,” I replied, “Would you be offended if I were to express to you my desire to actually engage in adult copulation with you, my sweet?”

She chuckled as she repeated, “Adult copulation? Are you related to Shakespeare, or something of the sort?” she continued, “They way you express yourself sometimes is so poetic.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment – thanks,” I said, “But that still doesn’t answer my question.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” she said, “You want to put your adult cock into my adult pussy and express yourself by way of rhythmic thrusts into my nether regions. Is that what you seek?”

“So who’s the Shakespeare now?” I quipped, “Yeah, that’s basically it.”

“No,” she said, “Allow me to express that; apparently, you did too good a job with the foreplay, I’m beat, I’m drained, and my pussy is still throbbing from that intense orgasm – I’d never come as hard as that before. Can I get a rain-check?” she asked.

“And besides that,” she added, “I’d really want to see you again and, if we end-up doing it, I want it to be in a comfortable bed – not in a car – where I can give it to you the way I want to, and when I’m rested enough to have the energy to give my pussy to you in the right way, to have you coming back for more.”

She continued, “If I give my pussy to you now, I’ll probably never see you again – I don’t want that – and so I duly request a rain-check. The defense rests – and so does my pussy!”

I was flabbergasted. For the first time since becoming an adult, I’d found that I was unable to express myself. Maybe she was right, though. If my car were a train, women would probably call it the ‘Adult Express.’

Still, who could argue with her logic?

And, still, I didn’t know her name!

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Have you ever wondered how London escorts hire their staff ?

London is the home of some of the finest escorts in the world.

London offers high class escort service, and is able to provide them through an organized London Escort agency service that handles the task.The Escort service agencies are well respected and they are the ones considered to provide gorgeous London girl escorts as well as glamour models.

amazing girlThere are different types of London escorts to choose from, there are sophisticated and high class escort services that will usually involve hiring women models that already have a great career. In order to improve their service, top London escort service has put up online websites that feature the pictures and actual videos of London escorts.

The escorts have already been pre-selected by the escort service agency in order to make sure that the escorts are up to the standard.The London agency hire reliable, sexy and entertaining men and women to do the escort service job.The escort service business is a lucrative agency; there are lots of clients who are willing to pay thousands just to be entertained by a London escort.

The girls could be blondes, brunettes or Asians, and they are well trained to entertain.Some of the women also come from Mexico, and guests can request for European, Russian, as well as Brazilian escorts.The escorts are guaranteed to be gorgeous, petite, while some are curvy and intense. There are a selection of companions, some are busy escorts and are considered as A level London escorts.

Most of the escorts are available for in call or out calls, they are also provided with their own apartments in central London where they can entertain the guests and meet them out on a date or just to accompany their client to a particular event for the night. The escorts could be taken out on a date in parks, restaurants, casinos or even just inside a hotel.

There is a number of London escort service operating in the area, some already have their own websites, while some prefer to keep their escort models private. There are some escorts that could only be hired exclusively; they could either be famous models or actresses while some of them have already starred in porn movies which make them even more expensive to take out on a date.

There are international high class agencies in London that concentrate on getting girls  that are truly impressive.

The women and men that they hire are congenial, intellectual and have a university degree or interesting background. Women and men working for those agencies are trained to provide and cater to the tastes of demanding men.Before these men and women can get in and become certified companions they would need to pass an extensive interview.

There are some escort agency service that do not provide any illegal or immoral services.

They arle merely paid for the time that are spent with the ladies, the client would be the one to strike a deal with the London escort if they have anything else in mind.

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Some advantages that escorts with huge boobs can offer

There are plenty of reasons why you might prefer to book an escorts girl with big boobs. Perhaps you want some interesting conversation with a fellow native speaker, or maybe you’d like to improve your English. Maybe you are a man who has a soft spot for the classic english boobs, and wants both creamy skin and Woman lying in bedclassy conversation? Or maybe you are looking for a high class London escorts who can be your perfect partner; accompanying you to a public event in the city, or u just want to fuck. Whatever your reason, we have a great selection of stunning escorts with amazing boobs if u want to fuck, right here for you. Our girls are an absolute delight to be with, with their sole objective being to bring you many kinds of pleasure, including a fuck session. With a fantastic geographical knowledge of London, these lovely native escorts with big boobs also make great companions to those new to the area. They can show you the best bars, clubs and restaurants — or simply meet you in your hotel room for a quiet fuck session. These milky beauties are incredibly sensual and love to get to know(fuck) gentlemen in the city. Our high class ladies with gorgeous boobs offer all the regal elegance and beauty that men dream about. With their warm and welcoming smiles and open-minded natures, our toned female escorts really do offer the very best of British.

The very best thing about our classy escorts is that they offer the very best service at a very reasonable price. If you want a fuck session the price will be higher ofcourse. Here at Chic, we believe that all men deserve to have a taste of the high life, and luckily due to our popularity we are currently able to keep our prices down. Our regal beauties just loved to be wined and dined in their home town, or are just as happy to fuck a customer in the privacy of his own home. These native big boobs girls have a real passion for their jobs which makes them extra exciting to be with. We only ever select the very best girls in England, and will never put a girl on our books unless she meets the high standards that we set. All our stunning English girls with stunning boobs are native speakers who have grown up in this country and come from educated backgrounds. Our native babes are not only drop dead gorgeous, but offer an all round experience with their friendly and eager personalities. You get the full package, a fuck included, when you book a classy and beautiful escorts – and unlike other agencies we don’t charge extortionate prices when it comes to a fuck.

So why not indulge yourself tonight by spending some quality time with one of our high class yet affordable English escorts? Our girls offer gentlemen the perfect British treat and all come highly recommended. Our lines are open 24/7 and our English stunners are available to take you on a royal fuck journey right now! She has grown, matured and made important decisions in her life and can happily stand on her own two feet. You are also more likely to experience a more intellectual woman. Someone who has learnt about the important things in life. Are you an young man with a fuck fantasies of an older woman? Looking for your very own Mrs. Robinson, but without any baggage? Then our mature escorts are the perfect pick. Older women with sexy boobs like a young man with vigor, pep and a carefree attitude. Our mature escorts have a few tricks up their sleeves and will be quite happy to teach you. With bags of self-confidence that comes from experience and knowledge; the women at Chic London are in their prime and will make an amazing date.

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Why our Queen Sexy Ladies are the best

If you’re used to having the best things in life then when it comes to dating you’ll want to meet queen girls who sparkle. We believe that the best ladies are those that are capable of fulfilling your every desire, the kind of adventurous babes that are happy to try everything. After all, that’s what a top sexy escort agency in London provides to a man, a chance to make his every wish come true at once. What exactly that entails is up to you, but we can make sure that your deepest desires at met without hassle or fuss. Simply tell us what you like, and what you want, and we’ll do the rest. Our wide range of beauties is sure to have at least a few queen girls that are perfect for you, and once you’ve selected your sexy queen we can set up a meeting between the two of you. Once she’s there, our top sexy escort is sure to work her magic and leave you feeling enchanted.

sexy girlOur sexy London queen girls are carefully selected to ensure that once you make a booking with one of our queen sexy girls satisfaction is guaranteed. Our customer care and service is second to none. We have a live chat option on every page of this website so that one can connect virtually with your queen of choice for quick text chat before your encounter.Our website also offer online dating, live webcam and a swingers website. Sexy queen girls are always available for out call and in call bookings.

To find quality London escort queen at a reasonable price you need to come to UK Courtesans. For high class vixens London is simply divine. These are women that are exclusive to UK Courtesans only. Now not every model on our website is exclusive to us but we try to encourage our escorts to just work with the best dating service so that their exclusivity and more so to the quality of their service. As the saying goes too much circulation make the price go down. We only want quality girls, a quality service and quality customers.

Since you may have suspected from our name, we seek to provide some of the most elegant in addition to charming London sexy escorts which a man could a cure for. In simple terms, which means you’ll receive world class sexy girls which can be skilled enough for making even probably the most experienced involving men stop for the minute to comprehend the absolute class with display. These girls can have you pleading with for additional before they’ve perhaps laid a new finger done to you, and when they’re completed you’ll think utterly pleased. So much to ensure very couple of fellas can avoid our lovely escorts in London: once you’ve tested our sexy queen girls there really is no explanation to ever go back to normal ladies.

You’re without doubt wondering: the gender chart that creates Chic London special, why usually are their London escorts so greater than everyone else’s? A simple look through our gallery will without doubt answer a lot of that dilemma as these kinds of sexy queen girls are merely stunning. They’re the level of saucy tiny temptresses which make jaws drop without worrying about slightest involving effort, so visualize the disastrous effect that they have with a man if they really try out. Not in which you’ll mind naturally, wrapped up in clouds of say pleasure in addition to delight since your London escort shows you what genuine beauty seems like. It promises being an memorable experience, and you will find few in which don’t remember their first time with girls this lovely. After just about all, seeing amazing ladies like this is hardly a day-to-day experience and many men can easily only desire having that sort of girl ready to go at a new moment’s see. When you could have the quantity of a prime London move agency though, getting hold of a stunning babe can be as easy as getting your hands on the telephone.


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Could Boobs and Hair Color Define The Amount Of Pleasure A Woman Offer?

Could there be a reasonable explanation why “gentlemen prefer blondes”, especially blondes with big boobs? It is a question and a statement, which is as old as time itself, do they have more fun simply because of hair color or boobs size? Several brunettes have tried this by coloring their hair, as well as blondes who colored their hair dark or red, noticed a difference in how especially men respond to them. Sexy blondes with big boobs especially are seen as a pleasure dome, instead of just another good-looking girl.

amazing blonde
Is it fair on brunettes and redheads that blondes get more attention and turn more heads? Look at how men perceive women in general, boobs and booty are seen as more fun and pleasure. A female with small boobs in a bikini will most likely attract less attention than her curvier counterpart with larger boobs. This must not be over-simplified though, whether men admit it or not, they do have a specific type of women they prefer. You do find men that is specifically attracted to brunettes as they represent a certain strength and drama which society does not see in blondes.
Men for example love fast cars and even though they might be driving a SUV, they would prefer a fast, sleek Porsche. Subconsciously it relates to a blond in the sense that speed, long blond hair blowing in the wind and firm boobs represent youth. Many men therefore feel younger simply by association. You might agree that at a glance they do appear more youthful, kinder, gentler, submissive, innocent, feminine, and easygoing as opposed to a fiery redhead or dramatic brunette.
Men and women as well tend to scan a crowd in a quick assessment and yes whether you are either sex from your standpoint you would find a blondes more approachable or appearing to be so. Do they offer more fun or pleasure, yes if you are one of those who prefer fair women with blond hair. Blondes certainly get more attention and the curvier they are, the better, and a well-rounded booty with boobs to match attract attention and spell pleasure to many.
Going back to cars again, take a old bright yellow car and a sleek new black sports car for example. Which will you notice first? The bright yellow, simply because it is bright and not because it is better or gives a better ride and more pleasure. A beautiful woman with big boobs will get more attention and seen as the one who would offer more pleasure, regardless of hair color. You could be a great looking brunettes receiving all the attention from all the guys, until a beautiful blondes walks in.
It all boils down to a matter of choice and personal taste however, men would not actually describe blondes as exotic, where dark haired girls are often referred to as such. Men are realistic however and very few would actually prefer a catwalk model type girl as they do realize that is the girl’s job and they are paid well to look that way. Small and petite with flat chested blondes, brunettes and redheads alike will find that they are automatically perceived as less of a sex goddess who will provide great pleasure. Booty and boobs are how men perceive pleasure, or most men anyway. As long as everyone realizes this is not science, pleasure, boobs sizes, bum sizes, heights and hair color are all personal preference.

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Do You Need To Check Out Pics Of Blondes Before Hiring Their Services Online?

Are you planning to hire blondes for the best experience during your vacation? Well, it is indisputably a great idea to do so. The good thing is that you can hire such women in advance by online means. This means that you will not have to wait until you go to your vacation destination in order to hire the sexy blondes of your preference. 
Sexy busty blond girl

However, the fact that you can search for and hire sexy blondes online means does not mean that you should do things blindly. It is important to check out the pics of blondes you have decide to hire first.

So, which are the reasons behind checking out the pics sexy blondes before hiring their services online?

To Get A Lucid Idea Of What To Expect
One of the prime importance checking out the pics of sexy blondes is that you will get the general idea of what to expect. It is important to note that pics are real hence can be used to define the traits of someone. With a clear picture, you will be in a position to tell if the blonde escort in question meets your expectations in terms of bodily traits.

To Keep Your Mind Prepared
If you are planning to hire a mate when on vacation, it would be best to prepare your mind in advance. When curiosity is created in mind, everything will turn magical when the reality comes. The idea behind checking out the pictures of a sexy woman is to prepare your mind on the great experience lying ahead. There is nothing as great as imagining her sexy bodily traits all along before you meet her in person. The experience is further complemented when you confirm that what you saw in the pics is even better than stipulated.

Helps In making Early Judgment
Like earlier stated, it is not a great idea to do things blindly especially when hiring sexy blondes online. This is because you might end up being disappointed upon realizing that the escort you chose online is far from what you thought in reality. The good thing about pics is that they help in making early judgment. It is possible to figure out the nature of blondes at your disposal by comparing pictures. It is also possible to filter the long list of such escorts with regard to their traits and sexy appearances in order to come up with the ultimate final choice. In other words, pics can help you evade chances of dealing with the wrong escort.

Summarized Description
They say that a single picture can stand in the place of one thousand words. Instead of reading a long description of a sexy escort, it can work ideally if you just went through a couple of pics in their websites. The magnitude of pics cannot be in any way compared to thousands of words.

Future Memories
It is not a great idea to spend time with sexy blondes and just forget everything. Memories of such a great time are always valid. In this regard, you should consider downloading the pics of the woman that you had time with. This will work as a reminder of the romantic lady who aroused you when on vacation.

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